More Prescription Drugs to be Excluded by Health Insurance Carriers in 2017

For 2016, major health insurance providers dropped many popular prescription drugs such as Viagra and Qsymia. In 2017, another 150+ drugs will be excluded by the major carriers. They will include: Brand name prescriptions “Hyperinflation” drugs Bio-similar alternatives Expensive cancer drugs Hepatitis C medications Dental Access Plus was organized for this very reason. Our dental,

1.4 Million People to lose Affordable Care Plans as Insurers Quit

Chicago Tribune story (Bloomberg News) on 14 million people in 32 states who will lose their current health insurance plans. Regulators are suggesting affordable care plans will be fewer, more expensive and may not include the same doctors and hospitals. Read the full story

How Dental Discount Plans Compare with Dental Insurance

For some time now, there has been discussion about dental discount plans and how they compare with dental insurance. In 2009 Forbes Magazine published an article titled “Dental Discount Plans Beat Insurance.” This article did not paint a very good picture for dental insurance comparing it basically to a dental pre-payment plan. Here are some

Dental Access Plus’ Health Care Discount Card Now Available in Florida

Dental Access Plus ( offers the Careington Health Care discount program in most of the United States, previously to the exclusion of Florida, Utah, Washington and Vermont. Recently, we received confirmation that our dental, vision, hearing and prescription discount plan was approved for the state of Florida! Thanks to the team at Careington for their