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Texas Health Care Discounts …

State of Texas Graphic - Dental Access Plus offers Texas health care discounts for dental, vision, hearing and prescription discounts

… from one of the nation’s largest discount health care provider networks

Dental Access Plus offers Texas health care discounts by way of a health care discount card through Careington International Corporation for individuals, partners and family members of all ages. Health care is expensive, but there is a way to reduce the cost of health care products and services. The Texas discount health care card is affordable and includes discounts for prescriptions as well as dental, vision and hearing products and services from one of the nation’s largest health care provider networks. Texas and most U.S. states are included in this health care discount card program. Gain nationwide access to 15% to 60% off the retail price of generic drugs and from 15% to 25% off the retail price of brand-name drugs at over 62,000 participating pharmacies; save 5%-30% at over 40,000 vision service providers; save 40% at over 3,800 hearing providers, and save 20%-60% on dental procedures.

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Careington is an industry leader in dental care with one of the largest dental discount networks in the U.S. and offering 20% to 60% on most dental procedures including cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, veneers and many more.

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Example of Texas dental discounts for typical dental procedures

ProcedureRegular Cost*Careington Plan Cost **$ SavingsSavings %
Adult Cleaning$97$41$5658%
Child Cleaning$70$30$4057%
Routine Checkup$53$20$3362%
Four Bitewing X-Rays$68$28$4059%
Composite (White) Filling$170$67$10361%
Crown (procelean fused to noble metal)$1,208$582$62652%
Complete Upper Denture$1,763$752$1,01157%
Molar Root Canal$1,165$531$63454%
Extraction (single tooth)$187$71$11662%
Average Savings:56%

* Regular cost is based on the national average of the 80th percentile usual and customary rates as detailed in the 2015 FairHealth Report for the state of Texas.
** These fees represent the average of the assigned Careington Care 500 Series & Care Series fees for the state of Texas.
Prices subject to change.

Members save 5% to 30% off the retail price of eyewear with the Superior Vision discount program. Members are eligible for discounts on exams, eyeglasses, contact lenses, and LASIK at more than 40,000 participating provider locations.

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With over 3,800 provider networks nationwide, customers can save 40% on diagnostic services including 2 years of free hearing aid batteries.

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Save an average of 15% to 60% off the retail price of generic drugs and from 15% to 25% off the retail price of brand-name drugs at over 62,000 participating pharmacies nationwide.

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